Completed Buildings for Sale urgently – At Affordable prices

Building a house comes with a lot of stress. The house owners must start by looking for a competent and expert architect and engineer to plan the house to suit their needs and preferences. The plan will undergo a lot of scrutiny before being accepted, Uhn! Time-wasting effort. So, if you ask me, I will advise you to look for completed buildings for sale. 

After the encounter with the architect, the engineer will start their own, coming up with outrageous quotations, padding the budget, and many more unnecessary tactics to extort money from the landlord to build the house. By the time you’ve gone through all this, guy! A lot of time and money has been wasted. The question is: who bears the cost? The owner.

Guys, if you see a reputable real estate company that has completed buildings for sale, won’t you key in ASAP? I bet you will do so. Save yourself from wasteful spending, buy one of our amazing completed buildings at various locations, and save yourself a fortune.

Completed Buildings for Sales

Below are some of our completed buildings for sale at various locations in Lagos.





5 bedrooms detached house with boys quarters.

Royal Gardens Estate, Ajah, Lagos.


4 bedrooms terrace house with boys quarters

Royal Gardens Estate, Ajah, Lagos.


4 bedrooms Duplex with boys quarters.

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Ocean Bay Estate, Orchid road, Lekki, Lagos.